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Wednesday, April 18

Thursday, April 19


Opening ceremony

by Miroslav Radman & Jean-Noël Thorel

First round-table:

Cell defense against aggression

Lecture by Peter Karran, Principal Scientist Cancer Research UK
How the skin can defend itself from external agression

Participants: Errol FRIEDBERG (USA), Walter GILBERT (USA), Peter KARRAN (UK), Miroslav RADMAN (France & Croatia)

Second round-table:

Biological ageing cultural vandalism

Lecture by Miroslav Radman, co-founder of MedILS
Biologic evolution vs. cultural evolution and how culture dominates biology, exploring the possibilities of living longer at full potential

Participants: Idriss ABERKANE (France), Errol FRIEDBERG (USA), Miroslav RADMAN (France & Croatia), Zdravko RADMAN (Croatia)

Third round-table:

Ecobiology: the “Why” and the “What”?

How can we define ecobiology? Could it be a science? How could ecobiology further our knowledge and why do we need it now? How could ecobiology serve tomorrow the future of our society?

Participants: Idriss ABERKANE (France), Brigitte DRÉNO (France), Errol FRIEDBERG (USA), Walter GILBERT (USA), Miroslav RADMAN (France & Croatia), Jean-Noël THOREL (France)


Cocktail dinner

Opening ceremony

by Miroslav Radman & Jean-Noël Thorel

Ecobiology as an integrative concept

by Miroslav Radman
Miroslav Radman’s vision on the concept of ecobiology in general and how it could be applied to skincare

NAOS: from a philosophy
to a company’s mission, to a science

by Jean-Noël Thorel
Why Jean-Noël Thorel wonders if ecobiology, which started as a philosophy at NAOS, could become now a science to serve the living and people? A story on what drove Jean-Noël Thorel as the founder of NAOS since its beginning in 1978

Ecobiology and Megalife in the 21st century

by Idriss Aberkane
Another way of looking at ecosytemic services.
How ecobiology can help address some of the most important challenges of our century


Ecobiology & Ageing

by Miroslav Radman
Miroslav Radman’s unique vision of ageing, the role of the proteins and his work on Deinococcus radiodurans bacteria from an ecobiological standpoint

Ecobiology & dermatology for better health outcomes

by Brigitte Dréno & Eric Perrier
How ecobiology is relevant to the practice of dermatology and what are the potential health benefits of this approach.


by Jean-Noël Thorel & Philippe Compagnion